PROMPT: What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now, and your favorite childhood toy?

Well, there is definitely a connection between how I ‘played’ and what I do and how I am now. However, I didn’t have or play with many toys … I never wanted to. Instead, as long as I, or anyone in my family can remember, my play was ‘updating’ and ‘improving’ whatever space I called mine in any given moment. as a result, I have been literally renovating homes since I was nineteen years old.

The home I grew up in was on five acres. Just outside of the house, was a building we called the ‘green house’. Originally, it must have been a hen house, maybe. Or a really nice gardening shed. It wasn’t too large, maybe 10×10; it also had shelves along one side. Since my parents didn’t raise chickens or hens and didn’t need it for storage because there was also a huge barn on back just a little bit, I used it as my ‘play house’. People pay thousands of dollars now for mini replicas of their homes for their children’s play houses now. Maybe I can say I started the fad?

I used to drag flower pots, lawn furniture, rugs, carpet remnants, pots and pans … everything and anything I could find, I would drag in there and constantly rearrange that little bitty space. I did that until my father built an attached kennel  on the side and cut an opening in the side of the building for our dogs to get in out of the weather. So, at that time, I took my somewhat obsessive habit of rearranging and updating to my bedroom.

One time, in fifth or sixth grade, my parents came home to find all the carpet in my room had been taken up by me (tack strips and all!) because I preferred the beautiful hardwood floors underneath it. Fifth or Sixth grade!

I also taught myself how to paint. Furniture, walls, household items, etc.

The light bulb went off when I dated a guy my freshman year of college. He and his father began buying, renovating and selling houses. I began helping them do everything. EVERYTHING.

Well, we parted ways, however, I then began buying my own property and doing the same thing. Currently I can tile, do electrical work, do plumbing, take out walls. simple carpentry … I am a jack of all home renovation traits. I also paint, update and restage my properties several times a year. Isn’t that funny? You can say I continue to play even to this day.





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