Prompt: Come Fly with Me

Daily Prompt: Come Fly with Me

Share a story about the furthest you’ve ever traveled from home.


This is an easy one for me because I have only been out of the country once. In November 1998, I went to France by myself. I stayed in Paris the first week & traveled south of France the second week.

It was amazing. It turned into a kind of retreat for me. After visiting Notre Dame while I was in Paris, I was fascinated by the centuries old ‘churches’ (they all seemed like Cathedrals to me). So, every time I would see one, I would go in, light a candle, say a prayer and just sit still. If even for a few minutes. I ended up stumbling across a peace I had never felt before – and probably not since.

After Paris, I traveled through Versailles, Chartres, Toulouse and then went on to Lourdes. Lourdes is a Holy Site and it was wonderful. November is off-season, so it wasn’t crowded at all. I had planned to spend one day there, I stayed four. It was an amazing experience.

Besides my personal holy experience, my trip to France – by myself – was very liberating. I remember the street I was on the moment it hit me that I was thousands of miles away from everything and everyone I knew … and I was fine. It never even hit me to be scared or uncomfortable. I could figure it out as I went.

That revelation was important at that time because I had just gone through a divorce that year and was a newly single mother of a baby. I was frightened of what the future would be like as a single parent.

At the time I thought the trip at just kind of fallen into my lap – however, many times in the years following, I have looked back on those two weeks and realized +GOD+ knew what he was doing then also.

I left for France thinking I was finally doing something I had always wanted to do by traveling abroad, but the reality is +GOD+ sent me to France to help me realize I was OK. I was liberated. Even when I was literally by myself, I was not alone. Moreover, I would figure it out. And I did.

Thanks for the prompt – I didn’t know I needed to be taken back to those feelings and revelations – but I did.




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