To Curse or Not to Curse: On Pottymouth Blogging

To Curse or Not to Curse: On Pottymouth Blogging

Blogs are all about voice — we respond to a blog when we connect to the person behind it. While tone, style, and formality vary depending on the blogger’s goals, most bloggers hope that their voice comes through clearly.

For some of us, being true to our voices means unleashing the occasional (or not-so-occasional) f-bomb, which can either draw readers in or shoot your blog in the figurative foot. Is there a place for pottymouths in the blogosphere, and how do you decide how much to let fly?


Once, I sent the first several pages of a screenplay I wrote to my professor where all of the cussing was blanked out in the middle of the word (i.e. f**k or s**t) because I can’t stand to see curse words written on the page.

My professor’s feedback correctly told me never to write something down I want to censor from the get-go.

Now, I can drop the f-bomb here and there when needed. And it feels good when I do. Sometimes a good, strong curse word is very therapeutic.

However, that being said, there is a power in the written word – it is there forever. That weighs on me. It also stays with me in my daily life and it helps me measure those times I do use foul language.

So, in my own writing life, I choose to convey my those stronger negative emotions in a more filtered way than in my vocal life.

Oddly, reading curse words in other’s writings – as long as it is appropriate – does not bother me in the least.




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