Daily Prompt: Are You Being Served

Daily Prompt: Are you being served?

What’s the most dreadful (or wonderful) experience you’ve ever had as a customer?


I could probably mention a few pretty unbelievable bad service rep experiences, but one experience really takes the cake.

A few years ago, I had to take my car to the actual SAAB dealership for a problem only a dealership could fix.

The first visit I made, the service rep I checked my car in with was giving another customer a very hard way to go. He was not quite yelling at him, but he was speaking very loudly and harshly. Later, after my ordeal with the same rep, I realized that was his ‘m.o.’.

Anyway, during that first visit, after that other customer left, the rep came and talked to me about the issues I was having with my car. He was extremely friendly. Then he began talking to me about buying a newer model – which I told him repeatedly I would not be buying another SAAB – I just needed this one issue fixed so I could get rid of it.  That was the first hint of his attitude changing.

As time went on, he would come out and tell me all of these other issues I needed to fix on the car. I repeatedly said ‘no, thanks’. He continued to get more short-tempered. What he didn’t realize is I am an amateur car connoisseur and have been working on cars since high school. Finally, he told me I would have to come back when the part came in.  So, I left.

In the mean time, I found another mechanic and took it for a second opinion. In the course of that visit, I realized the mechanic at the dealership had removed two sensors that cost over $250 a piece. So I went back to the dealership to get them back.

Well, the same rep was there and he went off on me. He spoke to me in the same exact manner he was speaking to the customer before me the first time I went there.

For the first time in my life, and after 20 years of buying, selling and working on cars, I felt I was being treated like an idiot because of my gender. Moreover, for the first time in my life, for anything, ever – I called on my older brother to go with me to deal with a man. I didn’t want him to say or do anything, I just knew I needed his presence.

And it worked.

That asshole didn’t treat me anywhere near the same disrespect he had given me before I had six feet one inches of brooding muscle standing next to me. Instead, it was all, “yes, mam. thank, you so much, come back soon.”

What an asshole.

Later, I found out form other high-end car owners that that man had a reputation around Louisville for his aggressive behavior.

I wrote the CEO of the SAAB Division of Chevrolet and the guy was fired.

Yep, that experience takes the cake.


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