Daily Prompt: EXHALE

Daily Prompt: Exhale

Tell us about a time when everything seemed to be going wrong — and then, suddenly, you knew it would be alright. 


Unfortunately, I seem to have a cycle of times that everything doesn’t just seem to go wrong – it does go wrong and then all of  a sudden it’s ok.

Sometimes I think it all turns around when my attitude changes. I either ‘let go’, become resigned to all of it, or become extra resourceful. Other times, divine intervention takes over.

Whenever I think about this topic, one specific situation comes to mind. This is a true story:

Twelve years ago, I was going through a rough financial period. I was four years into being a single mother and nothing I attempted career-wise would work. It all came to a head in January of 2002. I was out of money. I was out of options.

Well, I had been reading this book about true faith and about changing my attitude and outlook. Something in that book resonated with me. So, I decided that no matter what my material circumstances appeared to be in any given moment, I was going to believe +GOD+ was in charge and everything would turn out okay.

Earlier on this one particular day, I had added up all the bills I needed to pay before the second week of January was over. After that, things would begin to be cancelled, I’d be late on all of my obligations and my son and I would be hungry. I needed $984.36 I remember looking at that number and simply making myself believe, no matter what happened, it would all be okay.

The holidays were over and the next day my son went back to school from holiday break. SO, I decided to go ahead and put up all of the decorations.

The trash area in our condo complex was on the other side of the property, so I loaded up the car and drove all of it over the throw it away. When I was finished throwing away the obvious trash, I decided to clean out my car while I was there.

Well, I found a stack of mail under the front passenger seat, I suppose my son pushed it backed under the seat with his feet. By the postmarks, it had been there since the middle of December. So, I went through it, right there next to the dumpster.

In with all the junk mail and a few Christmas cards was an envelope from my insurance company Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Honestly, I didn’t want to open it thinking it was another bill I had overlooked.

Instead, it was a very welcome surprise. It was a check made out to me. It was when Anthem split, or had a settlement or something I can’t even remember what it was … all I knew was I was looking at a check made out to me in the amount of $984.37   …. one penny more than what I needed to get through that month.

That is the Gospel Truth.

I have shared that story and the book with all of my friends.

Now some may say, it would have been better if I had received much more than the exact amount I needed, however, I disagree. The whole point is – +GOD+ gives us what we need at any given moment, therefore we need not worry.

Furthermore, I sold my condo that same month, when I had been trying to sell it for over a year.

Obviously, it’s a decade later and I am still working out attitude and thought patterns that were instilled in me from a very young age – however, I always have that experience to help me get through the next down cycle – and to help me exhale.





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