Daily Prompt: Intense!

Daily Prompt: Intense!

Describe the last time you were surprised by the intensity of a feeling you had about something, or were surprised at how strongly you reacted to something you thought wouldn’t be a big deal.


Well, this is an easy one.

I am not a materialistic person. That does not mean I do not like quality items, I just do not put emotional value into them. Nor do I believe what kind or how much one owns defines who he/she is.

I believe I am this way because my mother is the opposite. In my opinion, at times, she has put more value on her things than she has the well-being of her own family. She has had this horrible habit since I can remember of referring to who gets what “in the will”. Luckily, my brothers and I couldn’t care less about material items.

Well, a few years ago, she said something about the fact she had already given my younger brother china from my father’s family. Before I knew it, I went off like a volcano. All of a sudden I told my mother what I had felt about her for the last 25 years … we didn’t talk for two years after the fact.

But you know, it wasn’t at all about the ‘thing’ she had given away. No, it went much deeper than that. It’s like when she a-matter-of-factly said she had given it to him, it touched a nerve I didn’t know was exposed … and it was raw.

She had never given my older brother or I any family heirloom and we had been married years earlier. Even when my father gave me one of his family’s bookcases years earlier, not only because I needed it, but also because it had been in the basement since 1987 – my mother took it back from me saying ‘they’ couldn’t start giving away family items. And, mostly, because I had been saying since I was 15 years old that I wanted the china from my dad’s side of the family … instead – out of 5 or 6 sets of china to choose to give my youngest brother, she gave him that one thing I had asked for since childhood. It isn’t even the ‘finest’ or prettiest – I just wanted something of my dad’s.

Talk about intense … I went nuts. But it felt really good. It all came from a place of truth and she had no good answers for her life-long hurt of my older brother and me.

It wasn’t about a thing, instead it was about her life-long wrong habit of treating one of her three children with unabashed favoritism.

I had never felt such heat in my body. It was crazy to feel it hit so fast and with such force. It wasn’t rage, it was more like it had been simmering to a boil for years.

Yes, intense it was.


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