Daily Prompt: Love to Love You

Daily Prompt: Love to Love You

What do you love most about yourself? What do you love most about your favorite person? Are the two connected?


Well …. self-love doesn’t come easily to me. However, if I must think about one of my traits that is in any way impressive, it would be my resilience. I’m like one of those egg shaped toys we used to play with – a weeble. The ones you can’t knock down, because they pop right back up. That’s me. I don’t even know how (and sometimes I don’t quite know why) but I do.

My favorite person in my dear friend, Tara. Choosing only one of her traits as one of my favorite proves to be difficult.  However, the one that pops into my mind is her ‘grace’. She is so kind and non-judgmental, to me that equals grace.

Is my resilience and her grace connected? Hmmmm …. I guess in a way. I mean, if you think of grace in the Christian precept they are. It takes +GOD’S+ grace to get back up over and over again; because through +HIM+ all things are possible and without that belief or hope, why get back up? And only with +HIS+ grace could one choose to overlook human fault over and over.

We do joke that I am the tough one and she is the sweet one – so, maybe it’s the same thing simply showing up in different traits.





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