PROMPT: Now You See Me

Daily Prompt: Now You See Me

You have a secret superpower: the ability to appear and disappear at will. When and where will you use this new superpower? Tell us a story.


This is funny. When my son was little, I was trying to teach him between right and wrong. Now, he was a very precocious little boy – you could never give him the easy answer. So, if things were as easy as ‘black or white’ he would want to know how and why.

So, I tried to simplify it to him. I said “Here is how you know if you shouldn’t do something … if you would not do it if you could SEE +Jesus+ standing in the room with you, then it is definitely something you should not do. Because +HE+ is here, whether we can see him or not.”

Well, a few weeks later, on a Saturday morning, a Victoria’s Secret commercial came on (yes, in the middle of kids’ cartoons). All of a sudden my son says to me, “Mom, I’m pretty sure if those girls could see +Jesus+ in the room with them, they would put some clothes on and not act like that”.

The point being, if I could ‘pop’ in anywhere & then disappear again – I think it would be to me son during those crazy moments we all have in our youth – that we look back on & think “WHY? … I’m a smart person, WHY?”

Not to be weird, but for him to see me if even for a split second & be reminded about everything I tried to teach him from my own mistakes.

I suppose that is just the mom in me wanting to protect my son from all of the stupidity and heartache all humans experience. But, maybe, just maybe, if I could appear at just the right moment, it could minimalize his.


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